This is our new "News ! " Section.

Here, we will post any updates on shows, activities, merchandise and any other oddities, and/or reports of and the music.

Steve & Kristi


March 7, 2022:

Lookin forward to playin at Indian Bear Winery on Friday night !


October 27, 2020:

Through our "Winds of Good" fund, which we started in 2008, we have made a total of 70 donations from our performance money, totaling $26,363.62. Our latest donation was our yearly shopping for homeless camps in Columbus, Ohio. Working with Mary Wilbur of Love One Another Missions, we purchased and donated a supply of items which will help them get through this winter. We purchased canned soup, canned beans, peanut butter, crackers, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, water, gloves, men's and women's socks, 2 propane cook stoves, 12 tanks of propane, candles, wet wipes, and AA, AAA, C and D batteries. This donation totaled $224.12 in supplies.

Thanks SO much for supporting our music !


December 2, 2020:

Our January 2nd show at The Druids Club has been cancelled due to Covid concerns.

We hope to be rescheduled early in 2021 !