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"An evening with Full Moon is time very well spent. With their songs and stories, Steve and Kristi will bring smiles to your faces and occasionally a tear to your eye. Steve’s songs are thoughtful and melodic. His words will genuinely touch you with their portrayal of small towns, nature, dogs, factory work, and colorful characters that seem to spring from the pages of a novel. Kristi’s thoughtful accompaniment (bass, keyboards, harmony vocals, and flute) beautifully complement Steve’s lyrics and soulful voice. Together, this couple will entrance you with their take on the world. As one of their songs says “Living is strange,” but thanks to Full Moon your life will truly be enriched. " 

 - Paul Jenkins, Mount St. Joseph University   


“Wow!!!!! I am spinning!! What a beautiful CD!!! I love it! You are wonderful, the writing is so good and I love the poem connecting the titles at the're a genius and poet supreme!! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your music, I am humbled and stunned...words cannot express how blown away I brings me to tears. Love and respect...thank you Steve! This is a treasured possession of is is is beautiful...Yes, without Warning!! xx watch out world!! "

 - Karen Harvill, Waveland, Mississippi  



“Thank you for bringing your good vibe and great talent into my home. Your songs are amazing; and song after song, touched everyone there. The fact that you donate all the money is a true act of love. You're a wonderful example of what a single person CAN do to help in this world. You've already influenced my life in ways you don't know - ways I probably don't know, too. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are." 

- Deborah Jessie, Plain City, Ohio”